Shebear Connection College has been established to cater for a variety of young people from age 12 upwards, including: Home Educated children; Children with Mild Special Educational Needs and young people who have been marginalised at conventional mainstream education.

Currently, we are looking for a venue in central Hertfordshire, in the meantime we can offer one-to one or small group tuition at you home or online.

We believe passionately in facilitating young people’s connection to knowledge utilising current technology. This is achieved through self directed activities and/or project based learning, in the individual’s own way at their own pace. Tuition and guidance can also be provided towards ICT qualifications, like BTEC and GCSE Computer Science.

 A learning conducive experience is created by specialist adult facilitators who encourage young people to explore and connect to their own natural curiosity in how things work. This is a safe, nurturing, inclusive, holistic experience with an ethos of understanding and compassion.

Our specialist staff positively encourages questioning, critical thinking and exploration to bring out the young person’s own innate skills. Most importantly young people are encouraged to feel more connected to knowledge, their environment, their peers and especially themselves. 

 We are committed to making sure every young person gets the most benefit possible out of their each session. 

It is the plan to set up a series of colleges all over the UK and then possibly over the world. As we are becoming a Community Interest Company, profits tuition sessions will go towards establishing our own venue and further veunes until we establish alternative provisions everywhere. Let us start with Hertfordshire!!

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