Fees are:

  • £20 yearly registration fee per child
  • TBA per session per child. There is a 20% discount for session fees if you have a Carer’s Passport

There are only 15 places available so if there are no places available and you wish to secure a place on the waiting list, a completed application form is required along with the registration fee.

Once a placement becomes available then your child/children may attend up to 2 consecutive trial sessions to ascertain whether the Centre is suitable for them. This also gives the Adults an opportunity to see if your child will be comfortable at the Centre.

A payment for each trial session per child, plus the registration fee (if it has not already been paid), must be made within 48 hours of the first trial session. Any missed sessions during the trial period will not be refunded, however, additional trial sessions can be provided at the digression of the Centre Manager.

If any party considers that the Centre is not a suitable for your child, then our mutual commitment ends here and there is no obligation to complete all the second trial session. In this case a refund will be given for the missed session.

If, however, the Centre and the child appear to be a good match, and you agree, we will continue with the enrollment process. This decision will be made at the end of the trial sessions.

After the trial, assuming that your child/children want to join us, payment is required, in advance, for each day you have booked your child/children to attend during the month. This amount will be calculated and an invoice will be sent to you. This needs to be paid by bank transfer 48 hours before the 1st of the month. This will continue until your child/children stop coming to the Centre.

If payment is not received then your child/children will not be able to attend. However if you have problems with payment please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the situation as we may be able to help.

If you want to join us please complete our application form.

Notice to leave

A month’s notice is required if your child/children wish to leave the Centre Refunds are not available on fees.

Payment Method

Currently, we only accept payment by bank transfer. The registration fee is required with the completed application form. These details will also be provided on each invoice.

Our bank details are:
Account Name : Shebear Connection Ltd
Account Number : 17847561
Account Sort code : 23-69-72