As the SCC will be a community we need to have some kind of justice system. At the EKSS, where I did work experience, they based their behaviour system on retributive justice where there is a judicial system with laws, a judicial committee and sentences.

The children and adults can write up a case about an infringement of a law and this will be reviewed by the judicial committee which will decided if the case shall be dismissed or up held. They will also decide what the sentence is.

The laws are decided by the who school community in the School Meeting. The members of the Judicial committee are made up of one adult and the rest of the members are children.

This whole processes encourages children to use many skills:

  • Judgement of what is wrong and right.
  • Forming sentences and writing up the case. For less able children they can ask an adult to do the writing.
  • Discussion and running discussions in an official meeting.
  • Writing up the case.
  • Agreeing and disagreeing without argument and fighting.
  • Being quiet and listening whilst other talk.
  • Taking responsibility for their actions and/or behaviour.

At the EKSS an adult will have a chat with the child or individually with the children involved to make sure they understand why their behaviour was unacceptable and asks them why they behaved the way they did and what they can do in the future to prevent the behaviour. This is a restorative activity that help the child develop their social skills.

Restorative systems revolve around the community being involved in helping the accused resolve and restore the outcome of their behaviour.

Retributive v. Restorative Justice