“Collaborative, child lead project based learning with guidance from peers and adults/coaches.
For parents and children who are seeking an alternative to conventional education”
  • East Kent Sudbury School visit Sunday 12th May
  • Down at the Cabin, Bishop’s Stortford – to be arranged
  • Summerhill Democratic school, Suffolk – to be arranged
  • Study/quiet room
  • Hall
  • Wifi
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • accessible to field/wood
Policies and Terms and Conditions
Funds for Resources
  • Equipment
  • Management/staff
  • Rent
  • IT practical
  • Art
  • Nature
  • Inner self/wellbeing – time management, self care, meditation, mindfulness
  • Writing/Literacy – for the real world
  • Numeracy – for the real world. Money management
  • Researching
  • Humanities
  • Parents and adults to run workshops about their skills/passions
Format of the day – Morning gathering
  • Group discussion about any studies done at home
  • Group discussion about upcoming visits, projects, events
  • Group discussion about future plans
  • Student’s plan for the day
  • Project time/learning
Stop for lunch and quiet contemplation/running off steam
  • Project time
  • Afternoon reflection/write up journal/record progress somehow
  • Group discussion to share progress, findings, important lessons learnt.
  • Home
  • Flexipay – pay on the day for adhoc day
  • Weekly pay – pay upfront at the beginning of the week
  • Monthly pay – pay upfront at the beginning of the month


Summary from Coaching Session