The following is a rough guide of what a typical day may look like. In real life it may vary greatly.

The day starts at 9.30am, children will come in and find their name in the register and write the time next to their name. They will also choose the afternoon chore that they want to do and stick or write their name next to the chore they chose. Once all centre members are settled we will have the opening circle at 10am. This will include the following discussions:

  • How each member is feeling, if they need any physical or emotional help to make their day run smoother
  • Anything learnt at home, this may be a funny story
  • Upcoming visits, projects, events for the week
  • Future plans
  • Member’s plans for the day

After the morning circle the children can go and learn/play/experience whatever they feel drawn to do. Examples of the children’s activities may include:

  • IT practical/playing educational computer games, children are welcome to bring their own laptops/tablets or games console. WIFI access and a big screen TV are available.
  • Art – a range of art materials are available
  • Nature play/studies outside – spare clothing needs to be provided to cater for the various weather conditions
  • Inner self/wellbeing – relaxing on their own or with others
  • Writing/planning – writing stories/articles that may go on the newsletter and planning activities.
  • Numeracy/budgeting – calculating monies needed to buy resources for an activity or trip.
  • Researching – on the internet, books, magazines and newspapers to find information for a project or activity

Stop for lunch and tidy up the table so children can sit and eat their lunch at the table. This can be a social time were all members sit and chat round the table in an informal manner. After lunch it is project time which may include:

  • Project/Activity time – projects may also include helping to run and set boundaries for the centre community.
  • Trip or visit off site
  • Parents and adults to run workshops about their skills/passions

Before our closing circle members need to tidy away their activities/projects and clean up after themselves. Then it will be chore time so everything is clean and tidy ready for the afternoon/going home circle.

Closing circle will include the following activities:

  • Personal reflection discussion and/or write up journal to show progress with personal project or as part of a group project or activity
  • Group discussion to share progress, findings, important lessons learnt.
  • A check in to see how each child feels and to see how their day.
  • Home time

Throughout the day if/when any incidents occur then they will be resolved using the circle process. This may lead to the changing or addition of a boundary. Please see the Circle based Governance and Positive Connection discipline on the Guiding Principles page